9 Types of Logos & How to Use Them

February 23, 2022 2023-07-20T13:27:33
9 Types of Logos & How to Use Them
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As a brand first agency, we understand the significance of a well-designed logo in establishing a strong brand identity. A logo serves as a visual representation of a company and helps create a lasting impression on customers.

In this post, we explore different types of logos and provide insights into how and when your brand should use them.

Combination Mark

Combination marks incorporate both a visual symbol and the brand name in a composition. This type of logo, exemplified by companies like Adobe and Mastercard, is one of the most common and versatile options. It provides a clear association between the visual element and the brand name, making it ideal for companies seeking a balanced representation of their identity. The best combination marks can have their icon and text separated and still be recognizable.

Combination Mark-1


Logos featuring animals, mascots, or characters have the power to evoke emotions and create a memorable connection with the audience. Twitter, Lacoste, and Reddit effectively utilize this type of logo to add personality and distinctiveness to their brands. Companies targeting a specific demographic or aiming for a friendly and approachable brand image can leverage this style.



Wordmark logos display the brand name in stylized lettering. This type of logo, utilized by iconic brands such as Coca-Cola, HBO, and Canon, relies solely on typography to convey the brand’s essence. Wordmarks are effective when the brand name itself carries significant recognition or when the typography is uniquely designed to reflect the brand’s personality.



Monogram logos consist of a combination of letters or initials to represent the brand. They condense the brand’s identity into a concise and visually appealing design. Famous examples include Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Monograms are often used by established brands with a rich history or by companies with longer names that want a simplified, elegant representation.



Letterform logos feature an icon or symbol derived from a single letter. McDonald’s golden arches, Tesla’s T, and WordPress’s W are prime examples. This type of logo is suitable when the brand name can be associated with a specific letter or when a distinct symbol can be created using a single letter, offering simplicity and recognizability.



Abstract logos employ stylized symbols or shapes that are not directly related to the brand’s products or services. Spotify’s sound waves, TikTok’s sound equalizer, and Audi’s interlocking rings are all abstract logos. They allow for creative and unique representations that can convey the brand’s modernity, innovation, or artistic appeal.



Emblem logos encapsulate all design elements within a specific shape or container. The National Football League (NFL), Porsche, and Harley Davidson utilize this type of logo. Emblems often convey a sense of tradition, heritage, or a strong connection to a specific industry or organization. They work well for companies that want to project authority and authenticity.


Negative Space Design

Negative space logos use empty areas to depict a symbol within the overall design. FedEx’s arrow hidden within the letterforms is a famous example. This technique adds a layer of intrigue and cleverness to the logo, capturing the attention of observant viewers. Companies that want to showcase innovation, attention to detail, or hidden meaning can employ this design approach.



Lettermark logos focus on the initials or abbreviation of a brand name to create a distinctive symbol. Examples include NASA, TNT, NPR, and BBC. This type of logo is particularly useful when a brand name is long or composed of multiple words. Lettermarks condense the brand’s identity into a concise, memorable symbol, providing a simplified representation.


Selecting the right type of logo is crucial for effective branding and the staying power of your brand. Looking for assistance with developing your brand? Get in touch with NickelBronx today to start your brand journey.


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