UX/UI Design

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, a seamless and visually engaging user interface, coupled with an intuitive user experience, is paramount. At NickelBronx, we understand the transformative impact that thoughtful design can have on your brand's success. Our dedicated team of UI/UX experts is committed to creating interfaces that not only captivate and resonate with your audience but also enhance usability and drive conversion.


  • Target Audience
  • Brand Positioning
  • Mission and Vision
  • Brand Messaging

In the initial stage of the UI/UX design process, our team embarks on a comprehensive discovery journey. We collaborate closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your brand, target audience, and project objectives. Through thorough research, competitor analysis, and stakeholder interviews, we unravel the unique aspects that make your brand distinct. This phase is crucial for setting the foundation and aligning our design strategy with your business goals, ensuring that every subsequent step is a tailored reflection of your vision.


  • User Personas
  • Target Audience
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Inspiration

Armed with insights from the discovery phase, we dive into user research to comprehend the behaviors, preferences, and pain points of your target audience. Developing user personas allows us to empathize with the end-users, enabling our designers to create interfaces that resonate with their needs. By synthesizing this information, we lay the groundwork for a user-centric design that not only meets expectations but exceeds them, fostering a positive and intuitive interaction between users and your digital platform


  • Sitemap
  • Figma Wireframe
  • Prototyping

With a solid understanding of your brand and user personas, we move on to the tangible creation of wireframes and prototypes. These blueprints serve as the skeletal structure of your digital interface, outlining the layout, navigation, and functionality. This step allows us to iteratively refine the design, ensuring that the core elements align seamlessly with user expectations and business objectives. The prototyping phase allows for early testing and feedback, facilitating a collaborative approach that hones in on the optimal user experience.


  • Button Styles
  • Fonts and Colors
  • Brand Elements
  • Unique UI Features

Building upon the approved wireframes, our design team meticulously crafts the visual elements that define your brand's aesthetic. From color schemes and typography to imagery and interactive components, we infuse life into the digital canvas. The visual design phase is where the user interface truly comes to life, creating an engaging and cohesive visual language that aligns with your brand identity. Attention to detail, consistency, and adherence to best design practices ensure that your digital presence not only looks impressive but also functions seamlessly.


  • User Testing
  • Iteration
  • Feedback
  • Quality Assessment

Before the final launch, our commitment to excellence continues with rigorous testing and iteration. User testing, feedback collection, and performance analysis help us identify any potential pain points or areas for improvement. This iterative process allows us to fine-tune the design, ensuring that the user experience is optimal across various devices and platforms. By incorporating feedback and making necessary adjustments, we guarantee that the final product is a polished, user-friendly interface that aligns perfectly with your brand vision and resonates with your target audience.

Moby Duncan

Moby DuncanArkra

They listened to what we were saying

We worked with a different agency prior, they wasted months and thousands of dollars delivering terrible work. I grew frustrated and impatient and looked for alternative agencies. They listened to what we were saying, filled in the gaps, sprinkled creativity and came back with incredible options off the initial call.

Kalie Brown

Kalie BrownBrown Law PLLC

we could go to 1 team for all our needs

The entire team was an absolute pleasure to work with. They are responsive to email, intelligent, creative and capable. They pay attention to details, leverage technology and work so well as a unified team to get the best results. We are thrilled with our new website, marketing materials, business cards and flyers. The fact that we could go to 1 team for all our needs was amazing. Amanda is a marketing genius and such a pleasure to work with. I appreciated her wisdom on marketing and her ability to provide guidance and her opinion, while also giving us options and flexibility.

Jeff Rossen

Jeff RossenRossen Landscape

The process was seamlessly executed and kept on track

Borzou and Amanda did an amazing job of helping us navigate the re-branding process. After two failed attempts to re-brand with other firms, Nickle Bronx nailed our logo on the first try.  We’re forever grateful to the NickleBronx Team for making our logo vision come alive, while also making the experience enjoyable. The process was seamlessly executed and kept on track by Amanda (which was a feat all in itself considering the fact that we knew we weren’t going to be the easiest client to work with). They made it look easy!

E. Lauria

E. LauriaDifference press

they are so fast and easy to work with we

I’m so glad we found NickleBronx! Getting our graphics to look polished and unified was such a challenge with a remote, fast moving-team. NickleBronx lead the charge for our rebrand making it simple and getting the whole staff on board with the changes. This helps us keep quick projects in-house, but as it turns out they are so fast and easy to work with we just end up sending most of our design work to them! It feels like they are an extension of our in-house team.

Sohale Razmjou

Sohale RazmjouBlackwood

they absolutely CRUSHED IT

From creating and designing our entire look, logo, etc. building our website, recreating all our internal documents they absolutely CRUSHED IT. We are a 40+ year old family owned business with a rich history but certainly evolving, and our culture is the most critical element to our team. The most impressive piece of working with NickelBronx was they were able to blend the roots of our organization with the with the identify of the current team to build a lasting brand that we intend to stand behind for another 40+ years. Lastly – this process can be GRUELING, but working with Borzou and the team was legitmately fun and took the pain out of going through the arduous exercise. 10/10.


UI (User Interface) design and UX (User Experience) design are closely related but serve different purposes. UI design focuses on the look and feel of a product, emphasizing visual elements like colors, typography, and graphic elements. It deals with the presentation and interactivity of a product. On the other hand, UX design is about the overall experience a user has with a product, encompassing usability, accessibility, and the emotional response it evokes. UX design involves understanding user journeys, conducting user research, and ensuring a seamless and satisfying interaction throughout the entire product.

User research is a fundamental step in the UI/UX design process as it provides insights into the needs, preferences, and behaviors of the target audience. By conducting user research, designers can better understand the context in which users will interact with a product, identify pain points, and gather valuable feedback. This information helps in creating a user-centered design that addresses real user needs, resulting in a more intuitive and enjoyable experience. Ultimately, user research reduces the risk of designing a product that may not meet user expectations.

Responsive design is essential for ensuring a consistent and optimal user experience across various devices and screen sizes. With the prevalence of smartphones, tablets, and desktops, users expect a seamless transition between different platforms. Responsive design allows UI/UX designers to create layouts that adapt and respond to the device's screen size and resolution. This ensures that users receive a visually pleasing and functional experience, regardless of the device they are using. A responsive design not only enhances usability but also positively influences factors like SEO and user engagement.

Usability testing is a critical phase in the UI/UX design process where designers evaluate the product's interface with real users to identify potential issues and gather insights for improvement. By observing how users interact with a prototype or the final product, designers can uncover usability issues, navigation difficulties, and areas where users might get confused. Usability testing helps validate design decisions, ensuring that the product meets user expectations and provides a smooth and intuitive experience. The feedback collected during usability testing guides iterative improvements, leading to a more refined and user-friendly design.