Marketing to Gen Z: 7 Strategies for Success

Explore the distinct characteristics and preferences of Generation Z, and master 7 essential strategies for successful Gen Z marketing.

Gen Z, a generation known for its strong opinions, unique tastes, and rapidly growing buying power, exerts a significant influence in the marketing world. However, defining exactly who belongs to Gen Z can prove as elusive as pinpointing their favorite childhood movie (was it "The Lion King" or "Up"?). To provide clarity, we'll adhere to Pew Research Center's definition: anyone born in or after 1997 falls under the Gen Z category.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the intricacies of marketing to Gen Z, offering practical strategies to connect with this dynamic demographic and leverage their considerable purchasing power.

7 Effective Strategies for Marketing to Gen Z in 2023

Prioritize Authenticity

Make authenticity your top priority as 45% of Gen Zers highly value brands that exhibit trustworthiness and transparency. Ensure that your content genuinely reflects your brand's values and narrative.

Speak Their Language

Effective communication holds the utmost importance. Learn and seamlessly incorporate Gen Z's language and culture into your content. Avoid forced or exaggerated attempts; authenticity remains the key. Consider bringing Gen Z team members on board for an insider's perspective.

Reject Performative Activism

Extend authenticity to your engagement with social causes. Performative activism will resonate with something other than Gen Z. Instead, take tangible actions, such as donations, amplifying marginalized voices, and genuinely supporting causes.

Collaborate with Influencers

Place your trust in influencers and content creators, as Gen Z does. Partner with influencers whose values align with your brand, they can help build trust and credibility within this demographic.

Entertain and Engage

Gen Z craves entertaining content. Infuse humor and actively engage with your audience in a fun and relatable manner. Be genuine, and showcase your ability to adopt a lighthearted approach.

Choose the Right Platforms

Opt for social media platforms that resonate with Gen Z, including TikTok, Instagram, and others. Ensure your content reaches your target audience where they spend their online time.

3 Memorable Gen Z Marketing Campaigns

Patagonia's Founder's Story: Demonstrating a genuine commitment to environmental causes. 


“You can run a company without losing your soul.” —Vincent Stanley Ever started a job that you thought would be temporary, only to end up staying a whole lot longer? Vincent intended to work at Patagonia for six months and save enough money to travel around Europe. Fifty years later, he’s still working here, helping pass along, evolve and create the philosophies at the heart of Patagonia. #WhatWeDo #Patagonia #philosophy

♬ original sound - Patagonia

Scrub Daddy's Humorous Videos: Bold and humorous content that resonates with Gen Z's sense of humor.


I want to consume pumpkin spice lattes through an IV ☺️ 🍂☕️. #scrubdaddy #smile #cleantok #cleaningtiktok #americasfavoritesponge #fall

♬ original sound - Scrub Daddy

Ryanair's Playful TikToks: Embracing humor and entertainment to create relatable content.


You’re more predictable than Max winning a grand prix #moreenergy #ryanair

♬ original sound - MORE ENERGY 😎


Effectively engaging with Gen Z needs a deep understanding of their values, preferences, and communication styles. By placing authenticity at the forefront, aligning with their values, collaborating with influential voices, and crafting engaging content on the right platforms, you can unlock the immense potential of this generation