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Velvet Suite


Velvet Suite specializes in personal brand leadership. Offering solutions for both individuals and companies, Velvet Suite provides out-of-the-box solutions to engage, develop, and advance talent. From e-learning platforms and webinars to live events and personal one-on-one coaching, Velvet Suite empowers their clients to discover and nurture leaders within their organizations.


Velvet Suite prides itself on being the high-end, gold-standard in personal brand development. This mark was an evolution of an out-dated "v" monogram that was beveled and stacked on a 3D style circular button. Velvet Suite came to Falcon when they were ready to evolve. The new mark is clean and modern. It is recognizable with a little dimension and visual interest, but easily translates to a one-color logo if needed, as all logos should - something their previous logo did not do well.


In evolving their brand, Velvet Suite needed a new website designed, as well as new collateral (sales books, presentations, etc). We created a suite of materials to support their new brand look and elevate them amongst their competition. Velvet Suite is actually a House of Brands, so incorporating everything together and presenting as a cohesive suite of offerings was a challenge - that we were ready to take on!