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Kraken Axes


Kraken Axes | Rage is D.C.'s BEST indoor axe throwing hangout - as well as the first and only RAGE ROOM experience.


Kraken came to us hoping to take their brand to the next level. They already had their signature bullseye-kraken logo mark, but needed to kick everything up a notch. They needed swag. They needed print materials and signage. They needed social media content designed. And most importantly, they needed it ALL to look cohesive and badass.


We delivered just what the client asked for, and then some. Kraken Axes now touts their signature Kraken tentacles throughout their locations and online. The tentacles can be seen "holding" all kinds of things - and for the Maryland location we even introduced a crab claw touting the signature Kraken Axe! We thoroughly enjoyed helping Kraken create their signature style and look.