falcon lab logo



New business concept, Florens, is all about helping people make healthy rituals in their lives, because they believe everyone deserves great health. They anticipate starting with a physical space: a soak spa/bath house where folks go to unwind + recover. The brand will likely grow into other offerings as well (eg. a nutrition, online coaching, etc.)


This mark is a blend of modern + ancient. Water is one of the backbones of this brand, so incorporating the element in the logo was a must. Inspired by ancient practices, the water wave forms an enso mark -which is from Zen, symbolizing a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. The logo is simple, fresh, and airy.


This branding was developed to be able to be fluid and easily transformed into wherever the creators take it. A neutral color palette keeps this brand soft and inviting. We thoroughly enjoyed perfecting this vision and look forward to helping to push it further in the future.