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Company Name: Blackwood (Formerly known as BAI) Blackwood provides cybersecurity solutions and implementation of these solutions to the U.S. Government and its entities.

The Mark

The Challenge: BAI (name at the time of the rebrand) approached NickelBronx with a set of unique rebranding needs. They had been around nearly four decades, having built a thriving business and solid reputation in their industry. BAI wanted to ensure this history was preserved while conveying the modern, state-of-the-art solutions they provide. They also wanted to revert to the founding name, Blackwood. Simply stated, they wanted a complete rebrand that paid homage to their heritage while maintaining a cutting-edge image.

Web & Dev

Design and Development of the Blackwood website on Gatsby




The Solution

At Falcon Lab, we felt that this was an awesome story to tell. A story about a family owned company that thrived through hard work and perseverance while fully understanding what it means to pivot to remain relevant and successful. We wanted to ensure that the brand we created captured the true essence of this company at its core. We extracted the elements of the OG logo and collateral to use as the foundation of the new company mark. We also kept in mind that because the name of the firm was reverting to Blackwood, the mark had to have synergy with this ‘new but old’ name. We then looked to the current industry landscape to incorporate elements that captured relevant imagery for the current products, services and solutions Blackwood provides. During this conceptualization process, we used three words as our guide that represented the essence of the company: Innovation, Heritage and Technology. These words were the verbal inspiration behind the mark we built. Heritage particularly helped create distinction in setting the brand apart from competitors; a unique positioning that not all cybersecurity companies can tout.

The Result

Collectively, we pieced together elements of the old guard with new, modern elements. We pulled heavily from the original arrow while tying in modern innovation and technology elements. We slightly modified the original colors of orange and navy to a deeper burnt autumn (orange) and black. With ‘black’ being in the name itself, we felt it was an organic tie to have the color black be represented in the new brand alongside the (new but old) name. It was an iterative process resulting in several rounds of edits to get it ‘just right’. The final logo description read: “Technology has significantly evolved over the years. And we’re committed to staying at the forefront of this evolution. All while ensuring our company’s rich history remains at our core.”